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Word Browser - Dictionary 1.0

Word Browser - Dictionary 1.0

Word Browser - Dictionary Publisher's Description

I-Merge Word Browser for Pocket PC is a portable version of extended/expended English dictionary with much more features than that of traditional dictionary. Instead of just list of words, it provides multiple meanings of words, various usages and relations linked together in a large database. User can browse a word and gets multiple meaning and definitions of the words. In each definitions, he can browse to the related word and explore further meaning of the new word. Its user friendly interface provides fast look up of English word and a convenient navigation through relations between words.

For example, keying in the word duck gives you multiple definition of the word including duck is a kind of domesticated animal (anseriform bird), example of duck (e.g. duckling) and many more. You can follow the link to bird and find out that feather and wing are part of a bird. With I-Merge Word Browser, you can get:

  • Same meaning of word (Synonym)
  • Opposite meaning of word (Antonym)
  • A kind of (Hyponym) and the reverse (Hypernym). Eg. Tree is a kind of plant.
  • A part of (Meronym) and the reverse (Holonym). Eg. Wing is a part of bird

I-Merge Word Browser is for all levels of users, from new English learner to native English speaker intending to use English to greater proficiency. It contains complete set of WordNet database with more than 135,000 entries with definitions and various usages. Each word has multiple meanings of a word in different contexts.

The application has user friendly interface with:

  • easy navigation
  • Fast lookup
  • History lookup of words that you have browsed
  • Navigation through relations between words.
  • Great for learning English, writing report and etc.

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